Smells Like Canada is committed to the sweet awesomeness of Canada
— Our products reflect the amazing places & things that make Canada unique.


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Candle Facts Ep #1

Get Out of Town by SLC

SLC Incense

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Candle Facts Ep #1

Get Out of Town by SLC

SLC Incense


SLC is committed to using the very best ingredients – stuff that will make you happy.


Certified lead-free wicks from Atkins & Pearce


EcoSoya wax made from pure soybean oil burns long and clean


Premium quality fragrance and essential oils sourced from all over the world


FSC certified, responsibly forested wood is used in all custom artwork


Canada is pretty awesome. So are we.

Our goal is capture the emotional connection between scent and memory and link it the wild and magical place where we live. Our products are themed after the very towns that shape our Canadian landscape, and scents are selected to represent that location – from the earthy airy smell of a field of wheat in Saskatchewan; the sharp and intense smell of pine in a wet forest in British Columbia. Hit us up for a chat if you’re feelin’ it.

Natalie lives in Toronto with her Boston Terrier, Molly, and enjoys beer, peonies, puppies, and things that smell awesome.

  • Beautifully made and a great gift that brought back some wonderful and & fun memories of family canoe trips! Great customer service! Thank you so much!

    @terrabryn from Etsy



Candlemaker & President


Molly Magoo

Supervisor & Butt Sniffer

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